Industry 4.0 

With over 50 years of experience we can assist with Ecco friendly start up of new companies- as well as established Operations to take advantage of new and innovative technologies and developments through our networks to be set for the future! 

  • Planning - Helping in planning and Layout.
  • Start Up's - Arranging in set  and start up.
  • Workflow - Correcting any mistake and following workflow.
  • Casting - Guide you in preparation for melting, alloying and casting.
  • Assistance - Supervising in devesting washing and clipping.
  • Finishing - Hands on in deburring tumbling pre- and final polishing washing and final inspection.
  • Pre-Setting - Specializing in Stone in Place preparation and casting.
  • 3D technology - Connecting the points in 3D design, printing and casting
  • 3D equipment - Assisting in selecting  appropriate 3D equipment for production.



Metal Perfection

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