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Heinz Rasenack  is my name and I think many know me from Factory visits-Seminars-Trade Shows and Networking Events around the World !

With 50 years of experience and expertise the MPi Team will solve your inquiry's and problems !
With this we can start together Industry 4.0 for better und faster understanding and control of progress !

  • Is a Global Business Partnership of highly qualified individuals with vast knowledge and practical skills in Advanced Save and Modern Manufacturing of Jewelry and Accessories.
  • As foreign educated craftsman, we are here to support and guide you to achieve the highest and safest way of Modern Advanced Techniques and methods in production flow through our extensive collective years of professional experience.
  • Our Innovative, forward thinking, ecofriendly and climate tech ideologies will provide an effortless transition from raw materials to become competitive, successful, and recognized leaders within the jewelry trade.
  • To guarantee the best outcomes, we provide a full-service platform, inclusive of training and oversight to ensure optimum performance throughout implementation of parameters.
  • As a provider of solutions, we are looking for an opportunity to guide you through your business challengers, with the best results!

Metal Perfection

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